Privacy Policy

Our site uses cookies to identify you each time you visit web254. We also use cookies for website statistics. These statistics consist of browser and operating system types, search engine keywords, referrer IDs, how long a visitor stays at the site, and pages viewed at our site. In no way do these statistics track users after they leave

Additionally, we use your IP address to help identify visitors and to help improve the website's performance for different browsers and operating system configurations.


We will not monitor or disclose any of your e-mail messages to third parties. Your personal information will never be sold or exchanged for any reason. Contact information from the registration forms is used to contact the customer only when necessary.


We have adopted the following privacy policy regarding children because we care deeply about children and understand that they have special privacy needs:

  • We will NOT collect, use, or distribute personally identifiable information to third parties without prior verifiable parental consent.
  • We will NOT grant children access to unmonitored forums, email accounts, or other public services without guardian consent.
  • We will NOT give children the ability to publicly post personally identifiable information without prior verifiable parental consent.


Customers may opt out of receiving newsletters and/or notices from web 254 by clicking the "opt-out" link at the botton of the newsletter email. Please note, however, that web254 reserves the right to send bulletins and other important information regarding our services at our discretion.

Changes to our privacy policy
We reserve the rights to change our privacy policy at any time without notice.

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