Dedicated IP Addresses

Reasons why you need a dedicated IP

  • Ecommerce Ready
    They Are Ecommerce Ready - If you want to sell products online, the only way to set up a secure store is to have a dedicated IP.
  • Search Engine Visibility
    Search engine optimization is the most effective way to get your website ranked, and when you do have a dedicated IP you give yourself the best chance of getting the highest rankings.
  • Professional Website
    If you can get an affordable hosting solution with a dedicated IP you should go for it. Of course, the IP is not the most important factor to consider, but usually when a host offers such a feature in a hosting plan, you can safely assume that the other important features needed to run a professional website aretaken care of.
  • They're Cheap
    With web254 Hosting, you get up to 15 dedicated IPs for only 200 kenyan shillings per IP address per month.. Other web hosts can charge up to 3000 for each dedicated IP.
From your small personal website to a busy high traffic enterprise, we got you covered!
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